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At The Bija, every corner reflects a commitment to providing a luxurious, yet homely, experience in a masculine and sophisticated setting.

The Villa

The Bija property consists of two villas. The first villa is a luxurious 6-bedroom residence, with two separate buildings. The first building contains four spacious bedrooms, while the second building houses an additional two bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own designated seating area, providing ample space and privacy for up to 12 guests. The second villa is a serene 3-bedroom retreat, featuring a well-manicured garden with a koi pond, a wooden entrance door, and a pathway made of grass, limestone, and small stones. The entire property consists of 9 bedrooms and it’s sold and listed in 7 bedrooms or 9 bedrooms (entire property). The overall design emphasizes craftsmanship and attention to detail, creating an inviting and tranquil atmosphere.

The Bija Villas

6-Bedroom Villa

As you explore the surroundings of the 6-bedroom villa, you'll encounter meticulously landscaped greenery that enhances the serene ambiance around the inviting swimming pool and joglo area. Ascend a charming staircase to reach the joglo, a distinctive space designed for relaxation and entertainment. With seating for ten individuals, the joglo provides an ideal vantage point for soaking in panoramic views of the meandering river and lush green surroundings.

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3-Bedroom Villa

Step into the serene complex of our 3-bedroom villa, where well-manicured plants and a koi pond guide you towards the inviting entrance. Admire the craftsmanship of the entrance door, beautifully carved from wood, complemented by walls of warm red brick. Beyond the threshold, a pathway of grass, limestone, and small stones meanders through a meticulously maintained garden.

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